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Two Questions For Investigating The Area Around A Home You Wish To Buy

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If you have found a house you are thinking about buying, you may decide you want to look past the property and find out about the neighborhood around it. If so, use the following two questions to investigate the area around a home you wish to buy.

What Is the General Atmosphere at Night?

More than likely, you first fell in love with the house and the neighborhood while viewing it during the day. However, if you decide to live there, you also want to get a general feel for the atmosphere of the area at night.

Before you decide to finalize the sale of the house, drive around the neighborhood. See how well the streets are lit and if there seem to be suspicious characters hanging around. You can also find out if there are any nearby neighbors who are generally loud or like to throw parties.

Do this drive-by two or three times on different days of the week, such as during the work week and on the weekend. Doing this can give you an idea about whether or not situations you found may have been just a fluke or are a nightly occurrence.  

What Amenities Does the Neighborhood Offer?

Another thing you want to consider about the neighborhood is what amenities or stores it has around it. The importance of certain ones will depend on your own household's preferences and situation.

For example, if you own a dog, you may like to take it for a walk every evening. If so, look to see if there are sidewalks around your block to make this task easier. You may also want to find out if there is a dog park nearby where you can take your furry friend to play and interact with neighborhood dogs.

Also, see if your favorite stores are around. If you prefer to have a grocery store nearby, look to see how far the closest one is located. Or, if you love to take a morning walk to a local coffee shop for a cup of java and a bear claw, make sure there is one a few blocks from the house.

Investigating the above questions can give you an idea about the neighborhood surrounding the house you are thinking about buying. If you have any further questions, speak with the real estate agent to get more information about the area in which you are thinking about living.