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Features To Look For In Real Estate Property You Plan To Use For Homesteading

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Getting back to the natural way of getting by seems to be something that is on the minds of a lot of prospective property buyers these days. If you are part of the crowd who wants to get away from suburban life and start homesteading, you will need a home property that allows for things like growing food and raising your own animals. Therefore, not every piece of property you find will fit the bill. Whether you are looking for real estate that has an existing home or just land that you can develop, there are a few important features to look for when you are scouting for your perfect homestead location:

Look for land that caters to the agricultural needs you will have on your homestead. 

When you dream about a life of homesteading, what is it you know you must have? Sit down with a piece of paper and list the things you want to integrate into your property. For example:

  • do you plan to raise your own crops?
  • will you be investing in cattle for beef and milk?
  • are you going to grow your own fruit trees?
  • do you want to have chicken or poultry on the property?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better focus on properties that can cater to your future needs as a homesteader. Not all land will be suitable for use as pasture land, some places are better for crops than others, and wooded areas can make it difficult to keep free-roaming chickens safe–all of this should be considered. 

Find a property that has the natural resources you need.

Homesteading is all about doing things in an environmentally-friendly and natural way and keeping operational costs as low as possible, which means you will probably be relying a lot on natural resources. You may want to have a well drilled on the property, for example, so you will have a natural water supply for crop irrigation. Consider the natural resources you want on the property and take note before you start looking. 

Check out only properties that do not have zoning restrictions. 

A lot of property comes along with stipulations about what can happen on it, especially if the land is located near businesses or closer to an urban area or other residences. These zoning restrictions can prevent you from things that will be necessary as a homesteader, such as keeping livestock or even plowing a garden with a tractor. Therefore, before you seriously consider buying a property for your homestead, make sure you ask about any restrictions that may be in place. 

Contact a realtor that specializes in real estate for sale in your area for more information and assistance.