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Want Lots Of Change Potential? Find Homes For Sale With Optimal Features

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Living in an apartment is limiting because you can only make so many changes with permission from your landlord. If you want to make substantial changes, you will usually need to own a property. So, when you are ready to purchase a house, you may want to have the flexibility to make changes over time. It is possible to make this happen by looking for certain features when you begin house hunting for homes for sale.

Extra Bedrooms

It is ideal to figure out how many bedrooms you need in your home before you start looking around. This will allow you to narrow down the list of homes so that you can spend your time optimally. If you need at least three bedrooms, you should check out homes with four or five bedrooms as long as they are in your price range. The extra rooms will give you so much potential for change in the future. In the future, you may want to have a home office and owning a home with a spare bedroom makes this possible. You can also transform a bedroom into many things such as a gym, craft room, guest bedroom, and game room.

Finished Attic

An unfinished attic may have potential, but it is still a huge project away from being useable for more than storage. So, you are best off looking at homes with a finished attic. The current owners may be using the space for a spare bedroom, but you can give it just about any function that a bedroom can have. It can be an office for several years and then you can make it a bedroom for when you have several children. If you have a family member who needs a place to stay for several months, you can also turn it into a temporary bedroom by moving some furniture upstairs and then change it back to anything later.


The basement is another place where you have a lot of potential in terms of functionality. A finished basement with a standard layout is best because it does not force you into any specific purposes. You can rent out the space, invite your parents to move in, or turn it into a place to entertain family and friends. This kind of freedom is exactly what you want to feel satisfied with living in a house for many years.

Making these features a priority will lead to a positive experience with buying a home.