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Cabins As Primary Homes Allow People To Simplify Life

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Most people searching for a cabin in real estate listings hope to find a vacation property. Typically, the cabin will be a relatively short distance from home, such as one to three hours away by car. Other shoppers look for something to use as their primary place of residence, either for a few years or permanently. They may like the idea of living in the countryside and don't want a place that requires a lot of upkeep.

The Typical Cabin

Cabins are not defined by square footage, although these structures generally are smaller than the average house. They usually have a main open-space living area, one or two bedrooms, and one full bathroom. There might only be a shower and no bathtub. As a primary residence, the houses are mainly considered suitable for one or two persons.

A Primary Residence

A cabin could be the first home for a couple. It also can be ideal for retirees who want to downsize and have a lifestyle with more freedom. A single person without many belongings might only need a small space. Perhaps this individual travels a lot or prefers to spend most free time outdoors. They could be an avid hiker, bicyclist, or fisher.

A Broad Range of Styles

Contractors who build the little houses construct them in a broad range of styles. Some are true log cabins that are particularly appealing to people who love a rustic country atmosphere. Others are relatively small wood-frame buildings. The buildings can have lofts, which is a feature of the historically authentic log cabin design.

Extending the Living Space Outdoors

Porches and decks can be included too. This extends the living space, effectively creating more area for various activities when the weather is cooperative. A roofed, screened-in porch is especially welcome for this purpose. It provides shelter from rain and shade when people don't want to be in the sun.  

Sleeping Space for Guests

Although it might not seem that there would be much sleeping space, owners find ways to have several guests comfortably staying overnight. One bedroom could have two sets of bunk beds, and the other two twin or full beds. The living room could include a sofa bed and a futon. This provides plenty of room for everyone. 

Concluding Thoughts

Some young adults and retirees decide to rent an apartment for similar reasons as others buy a cabin. Others would rather own their home and like living in a more rural area. They can peruse real estate listings to find the ideal small house.

For more information about cabin listings, contact a local real estate agent.