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Avoid Stress By Remembering These Commonly-Forgotten Items During A Move

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Whether you are relocating to a new country for your job or moving across the country to be closer to family, the moving process can be an overwhelming experience. Finding boxes, organizing, packing, cleaning, transporting your belongings, and then unpacking at the new place can wreak havoc on your stress and anxiety levels. During this long process, you will most likely lose or forget one or more things, making your move even more challenging. Using this guide on most-forgotten items during a move, you can reduce the stress of relocating to a new residence.

Prized Possessions

During the packing process, you may find items that you did not remember were yours, such as favorite family photos, high school mementos, and various collectibles that were packed away in the garage or on the top shelf of your closet. Unfortunately, you may have other prized possessions that were hidden away in your home and forgotten.

Be sure to check all areas of your home for hidden gifts, money, family heirlooms, and personal items. Check the following areas in and around your home for forgotten prized possessions:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Garage
  • Under Front/Back Porches and Decks
  • Under, Behind, and On top of Appliances

In addition to checking these areas for hidden objects, be sure to open old cans, boxes, and containers since you may have hidden valuables and forgotten them.

Imperative Documents

In most cases, you carry your driver's license and credit card in your wallet. However, other documents are not usually carried around with you. They may not be important to have on hand during your daily life, but they are imperative documents you will need after moving. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to find after moving to a new city or country.

Here are a few imperative documents to gather and keep on hand when relocating:

  • Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards – Be sure you have a birth certificate copy for each member of your family. If you do not have a copy, contact the county of birth to request a copy. Ordering these copies from outside the country will take a bit longer, of course, so having them on hand before your move is ideal.
  • Health Records – Before moving, ask your primary care doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and other specialists for a copy of medical records. These records should include lab results and prescription information, which will make the process of finding new medical care easier after your move. If you have a pet, contact their veterinarian for copies of their records, as well.
  • Passports – Each member of the family will also need to have their passports with them if moving out of the country. If relocating within the same country, place passports in a safe location to ensure they do not become lost during transport.
  • School Records – Contact your child's school to arrange the transfer or school records a few weeks before the move. These records should include vaccinations, grades, test scores, and recommendations for class placement at their new school.

Daily Errands

Picking up dry cleaning or your mail from the local post office will not be possible after moving to a new state or country, so be sure to run all your daily errands a few days before moving.

Visit the dry cleaners and let them know this will be your last time using their facility. Allow them to search their records for any expensive coats, suits, or dresses that may have been forgotten.

Turn in any library books, movies, or game rentals before your move to avoid overdue charges.  Ask your children to return any library books to their school library, as well.

Cancel memberships to your local clubs, gyms, and classes a few days before your move, reducing the risk of late or cancellation fees.

Moving is a challenging task, but a successful, efficient experience is possible. Remembering these forgotten items and tasks can reduce the stress of your move. To make your move even easier on you and your family, consider hiring a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc.