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Sell Your Home With A Flat Fee Realtor

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If you want to sell your home quickly but don’t want to pay commissions to anyone for things you can do yourself, consult a flat fee realtor soon. A flat fee realtor charges a specific fixed fee to help you manage the sale of your home. Learn more about flat fee realtors and how a realtor can help you sell your home below. What Can a Flat Fee Realtor Offer You? Read More»

A Bit About Single Tenant Net Lease Investment Properties

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Real estate can be a great investment for your future. While many people consider buying an extra house to rent for income, they do not consider buying a commercial property and leasing that for income. There are different types of commercial rental units, with one being a good option for you if you do not want to have to worry about the property much. Single-tenant net lease investment properties just may be a great way for you to build up a good retirement fund. Read More»

5 Tax Benefits Of Investing In A Private Event Venue

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Commercial real estate provides investors with several tax benefits. These benefits can include deductions for depreciation, interest expenses, and other costs associated with owning and operating the property. Additionally, commercial real estate may be eligible for tax-free exchanges and tax-deferred growth. If you love hosting events and meeting new people, you can invest in a private event venue and earn while doing what you love. A private events venue counts as commercial real estate and thus comes with several tax benefits: Read More»