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3 Things To Check For When Looking At Cabins For Sale

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In some ways, buying a cabin is similar to buying any other home. You need to research the land and location. You need to work with the bank to get a loan if you can't buy in cash. However, since cabins are often built more rustically than homes and are not typically used as full-time dwellings, there are also some additional things to consider as you shop. Here are three key things to check for before buying a cabin.

Is the land accessible year-round?

Many cabins are built in remote, rural areas on roads that may not be plowed in the winter. So, you may not be able to access the cabin in all seasons unless you have a 4-wheel-drive, all-terrain vehicle. Or, the land may get really muddy in the spring, which limits access to the cabin for a time. Before you buy a particular cabin, check to see whether it is accessible year-round. And if it is not, make sure you are comfortable not visiting the cabin during months when the land keeps you from doing so.

Is the roof secure?

Some cabins have really basic construction, and that's okay. You may be willing to deal with windows that let in some drafts or a floor that's a little damaged because this is not your full-time home. But one thing you don't want is a roof in poor shape. It will let water in, and then the whole structure of your cabin can become moist and compromised. So, make sure you either climb up to look at the roof yourself or have an inspector do this. If there are missing shingles or shakes, low spots, or uneven patches, then that's something to have the owner fix prior to the sale.

How is the cabin heated and plumbed?

Some cabins are totally off-grid with no services, which is fine if that is what you want. But if the cabin does have plumbing and heat, you should check how those services work and make sure you are comfortable with them. The cabin may have a sewage holding tank that you have to have emptied. Or, it may have a wood-fired heating system that you need to feed. Make sure you're comfortable with the amount of work involved in whatever systems the cabin has.

Cabins for sale come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. If the first one you look at doesn't meet your needs, don't give up! There's a perfect cabin up there for you. For help finding the right cabin for you, contact a real estate agency in your area such as Dream Catcher Realty.