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Sell Your Home With A Flat Fee Realtor

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If you want to sell your home quickly but don't want to pay commissions to anyone for things you can do yourself, consult a flat fee realtor soon. A flat fee realtor charges a specific fixed fee to help you manage the sale of your home. Learn more about flat fee realtors and how a realtor can help you sell your home below.

What Can a Flat Fee Realtor Offer You?

If you actively plan to do most of the work in selling your home, you may not want to pay someone commissions to help you do so. However, you may need help advertising or listing your home on the market. You may also need someone to field the calls of anyone who hopes to purchase your home. You need a flat fee realtor to do the jobs you can't do yourself.

A flat fee realtor, or flat fee agent, offers the services above and more for a fixed fee. The fee stays the same until the listings for your home expire, or until you find a buyer for your home. You'll need to pay another fee if you choose to relist your home. You don't need to pay another fee once your home sells.

If you think a flat fee agent can assist you with the selling of your home, contact a realtor today.

How Do You Obtain a Flat Fee Realtor?

You can contact an agent online or by phone for the real estate services you need. An agent will need to know several things about your home, including the:

  • selling price for your home
  • real estate value of your home
  • list of services you need for your home

A realtor will use the information above to calculate a flat fee rate for you. You can negotiate the fee or accept it. If you need to obtain additional services from an agent, they may or may not charge or raise the rate to accommodate the changes. You can learn more about this issue by consulting a flat fee broker right away.

After you accept a broker's flat fee, they'll create real estate listings for you. An agent will actively field and answer all of the calls your listings receive from buyers. An agent may also obtain for sale signs and other types of advertisements for your home.

If you need a flat fee realtor's help selling your house, contact an agent soon.