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Preventing Broken Dreams: 5 Tips To Prevent The Theft Of Your New Motorcycle

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Owning a motorcycle is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, this dream can often become a nightmare if your motorcycle is stolen. Considering an estimated 45,000 motorcycle thefts occurred in 2013 alone, understanding the importance of safe storage and theft prevention is essential. Not only will these tasks reduce your risk of losing your dream ride, but they can also save you financially due to expensive purchase price of a motorcycle. Using this guide, you can prevent the theft of your new dream motorcycle.

Lock your Steering

Thieves work fast, so they can simply wheel away your bike in just a few seconds. However, if your steering is locked, wheeling the bike away will not be possible.

As soon as you get off your motorcycle, lock the steering to prevent theft. In most cases, this involves turning the handlebars to the right while pushing the key in. This engages the steering lock. Once engaged, turn the key counterclockwise until it stops, ensuring the steering is locked. Remove the key.

It is important to note that each make and model of motorcycle differs, so you may need to consult your owner's manual to determine the exact method to lock your steering column.

Lock the Wheels

If you plan on parking your motorcycle in a public place for long periods of time, installing wheel locks is also beneficial. Connect disc locks to each wheel. Disc locks prevent the motorcycle from being wheeled away.

Unfortunately, some thieves will attempt to remove the locked wheels, before taking the main part of the motorcycle away. To deter this, use disc locks with installed alarms that will notify you of an attempt at theft.

Chain It Up

Chaining your motorcycle to a location is also smart. While using chains to lock up your motorcycle may seem time-consuming, it is a great option to deter thieves that want to pick up your bike to load into a van or truck.

Be sure to anchor the chains to an immovable, strong object in the ground or on a building. If possible, chain your bike up with other motorcycles, preventing multiple thefts.

Fool the Thieves

Certain makes and models of motorcycles are more appealing to thieves due to their value or rarity.  If you own one of these luxury, expensive, or rare bikes, you will be a hotter target, so consider fooling the thieves using bike covers.

Consider purchasing a motorcycle cover that does not contain the name of your specific make and model. The cover can be completely blank or contain the name of a more common, less valuable make of motorcycle. Use it to cover your valuable and rare motorcycle, reducing the appeal of your bike. Of course, this may not always deter theft, but it can be helpful.

Store It

An attached garage is an ideal place to park and store your motorcycle, but your home may not offer this ideal space. While they may be an added expense, a space to store your motorcycle is a smart investment.

An enclosed trailer is a great option for your motorcycle. These trailers can be kept on your own property, allowing you access to your bike at all times. In addition, these trailers can be attached to your vehicle in case you want to bring your motorcycle along on trips. While they are ideal for transporting your vehicle to and from various locations, they are also great options for storing your motorcycle securely at home.

Renting a space at your local storage facility is also a possibility. Many of these facilities offer both indoor and outdoor parking spaces for cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Renting a storage space offers a secure and safe option to prevent the theft of your motorcycle.

Owning a motorcycle can be exciting, but it should not become a nightmare. Using this guide on preventing motorcycle theft, you can continue living your dream. 

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