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Tips for Attracting Home Buyers Using Pinterest

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Social media is a limitless resource when you have real estate for sale. Home sellers need to take their responsibilities on social media very seriously because the right posts can ultimately help them get top dollar for their home by attracting the right buyers at the right time. Pinterest is not as frequently utilized as other social media websites and apps for real estate marketing, but it can be a great place to connect with home buyers who are looking online to pin the perfect attributes of their dream home.

Post Original Photos to Your Account

Although many people use Pinterest to "pin" and save photographs that they find all over the internet, you should only upload your own photographs to Pinterest. Make sure that any photo that you upload to Pinterest shows your home at its best. If not, go back to the drawing board and take new photographs. It can even be worth investing in a professional photographer for your own personal real estate photos to place on social media. When you do upload photos, be sure to link each one to your real estate agent's listing of your home.

Use a Long Description with Key Words

When making a Pinterest post to your account, be sure to use prose that describes the area of the home that you are showcasing. You may also want to write about all the ways that you envision people decorating it. For example, if you are showing a photo of your French doors, you may type about all the different types of curtains and other window decorations that people may choose. Be sure to utilize keywords, or search terms that you think people will use to find houses like yours. Pinterest posts can show up in search results, leading people to your page even if they are searching the web from elsewhere.

Pin Others' Posts to Your Wall

While you should only upload photos of your own home, it's okay to pin other photographs to your wall. However, keep in mind that you should add text to every photo that you re-post, even if the original poster has their own. When you add text, use descriptions that discuss why you are posting the photo and how it relates to the home that you have for sale. You can include a link to your real estate agent's listing here, too.

Finally, keep in mind that Pinterest is a social media network with 100 million users, and you can cater to Pinterest users in your area who are looking for their dream home. You never know when your post will make the perfect connection. The higher number of high quality photos you post, the greater your chances of connecting to just the right home buyer are. If you are in doubt about whether you should post a certain photo, it's okay to ask your real estate agent.