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A Property Management Company Can Take Care of Uncomfortable Duties Pertaining to Your Rental Properties

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Do you own one or more rental properties that you are finding it hard to manage? Perhaps you have a high turnover rate or have had many bad experiences with tenants and getting paid rent you were owed. A property management company could help to relieve you of some of your burdens. Even if you have successfully managed your properties and now feel as though it is time for you to enjoy life fully or partially retired, a property management company could be the solution for you. The following are a few property management related duties that they can assist with.

Tenant Screening

Some property owners and landlords do not know how to screen tenants. Very often, they do not thoroughly check references or run background checks. This can sometimes lead to them renting to the wrong tenants. It can be a costly mistake because some tenants may not pay their rent, violate lease agreements such as no pet policies, and cause property damage. Some of these individuals have lived at other properties and caused the same havoc. Property managers that act on your behalf can perform screening to reduce the chances of these unfortunate events occurring. 

Tenant Retention

If you have a high turnover rate, there has to be a reason that people are not willing to stay in your properties or renew their leases. A property management company can help you determine why your tenants leave. It could be related to the condition of your properties. It might also be related to the cost of rent. When the issues are identified, a plan can be put into place to fix the issues. This means that you will likely start renting to tenants who are willing to stay because they like where they live and can afford it. 

Evictions and Lease Terminations

It might be hard for you to evict your tenants especially if you have a kind personality. Your tenants may know this, which is why some of them may be several months behind on their rent. When you allow a third-party company to handle your evictions, your tenants will have to deal with an unbiased party hired by you to take care of the matter. As far as lease terminations, a property management company can ensure that matters such as returning security deposits based on the inspection of the premises are addressed. This also leaves you out of the loophole of having to deal with tenants who want to receive a full security deposit back when they are not entitled to one.