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Adding Curb Appeal To A Waterfront Home

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You'd think a waterfront piece of property would sell itself, but it isn't always that simple. Waterfront doesn't always mean a large mansion with a gorgeous boat dock and a professionally manicured lawn. Waterfront property could be an older home built over 50 years ago in need of quite a few repairs with overgrown landscaping and a decrepit boat dock. Selling this type of property can be a bit of a chore if some sort of work isn't done to add curb appeal. See below for tips to help add curb appeal to a waterfront home.

Clean Up Landscaping

If your waterfront property has a lot of big overgrown trees, it can be difficult for grass to grow. Trim back some of the over-brush and have tall, full trees thinned out to allow for more light. Remove weeds and over-grown bushes to allow for a grassier area of the yard. Any trees that have low-hanging limbs should be trimmed to prevent them from blocking the view of the home from the street. To help the grass grow in, spread grass seed and fertilizer. Plant flowers around your home or add flowers to the porch to add color. 

Update The Exterior

To help clean up the exterior and make it look like new, paint the exterior siding. Be sure to clean it thoroughly first, make any necessary repairs to the siding, soffit and fascia, then paint the siding. Add new shutters and exterior light fixtures, including landscape lighting. Brighten up the backyard a bit by adding a nice sitting area if possible and use string lighting to light it up. Seal and make repairs to an asphalt driveway if it's cracking or looks worn. If you have a gravel driveway, see about having it paved, or have more gravel laid to fill it and even out ruts. Update the exterior with a new mailbox and maybe even a light-post in the yard.

Add A Boat Dock

If your property doesn't have a boat dock, have one installed. If you have a boat dock, but it's in poor shape, have it either replaced or repaired as needed. Hire a professional to help you with this if you aren't able to do the work yourself.

Adding curb appeal to a waterfront home can be done on a budget. Be sure to add plenty of light to the yard to let grass grow in and make a few updates to the exterior to give it some added appeal. Talk to your realtor about other things you can do to add curb appeal to your home.