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Buy A Home With Vacation Rental Potential By Focusing On Important Details

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The things that your children, spouse, and pets need in a home should take priority when you look at homes for sale. But, this does not mean these are the only features that can be considered. With a reasonable list of necessities, you should also be able to fit in some qualities that you would like to have. If you have always wanted to manage a vacation rental, you can put this on your shopping list. To buy a home with the potential to succeed in this business, you need to focus on certain features.

Hotel Competition

One thing that can make it more challenging for you to succeed in renting out part of a room to others is hotel competition. For instance, Las Vegas is a city that falls into this category because there are so many luxurious hotels close to the airport and right in the middle of nearly endless attractions. While you will find travelers who are looking for the peacefulness of being away from the Strip, there may not be enough for a homeowner to dedicate a bedroom room or even a whole basement to potential guests. It is ideal to pick a location that does not have enormous hotel competition, which can happen in touristy areas.

Full Legality

It is easy to forget about the real estate legalities that come with running a vacation rental. Since they have rapidly grow in popularity over recent years, cities are still deciding how to handle this situation. Denver recently banned vacation rentals, so you need to watch out for this happening in the cities that you like. It is a great idea to see if new laws have been brought up in the past to see the city's potential future. You do not want to purchase a home in an area only to have vacation rentals banned shortly after.


Another crucial detail to consider before buying a home is the local attractions. You do not need national parks, world-famous restaurants, or theme parks to attract people, but these do help. An excellent niche is universities because students will look at them while they are still in high school. It will help them get an idea of where they want to go to pursue a degree. So, you may want to focus on areas with the highest undergraduate attendance such as the University of Central Florida or Texas A&M University. Prioritizing neighborhoods close to large schools will help to make your rental an enticing option.

Considering these details while analyzing homes will give you the best chance of success with running a vacation rental after you make a purchase, get settled in, and start marketing your place.