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Hiring Security For A Teen Party: What To Consider

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Throwing a teen party is a great way to bring youth together for a coming-of-age event or an end-of-school celebration. Hosting one of these events can seem daunting, especially when you have the worry of mischief happening at the event. You want to keep everyone safe, which means you need as many eyes on the crowd as possible. Hiring security gives you peace of mind and helps you spot trouble before it can begin, such as potential fighting, over-crowding of the event, or even a teen bringing in contraband, such as alcohol or vape. As you hunt for a security company to keep your event under control, here are some things you need to consider.

How many people are attending

As a general rule for safety and organization, you will want to have one security guard for every 100 people who are at your party. This does not include security guards who are attending to the entrances to ensure that no one brings in items (or guests) that are not invited. Seek a security company who can supply you the number of guards you need for your event. You will also want to have other adults supervising the party as well to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Activities you are hosting

Your teen party may have a slew of activities, such as a rock climbing wall, a raffle, a mechanical bull riding contest, and more. These activities, while fun, can be a bit rowdy, and excited or overly confident older kids can get hurt unless they are closely monitored. It's best to hire security from a company who trains and certifies all their staff in CPR and first aid, just in case an accident occurs.

Type of venue

If your activity is indoors, it can be easier to keep a watchful eye on your young guests. A smaller function may simply need guards at entrances and a single security person wandering the floor to keep teens in line. A larger event that is outdoors at a football field or stadium may mean more areas where teens can explore, which can lead to people wandering off or coming up with their own idea of 'fun.' Follow the general rule of how many guards you need per 100 guests, and then throw in a few more just to keep an eye on the perimeter of the party or to help guide teens to and from their vehicles.

With the right security measures, your teen bash can go off without a hitch. For more information on your security options, check out websites like