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3 Steps To Take As You Stage Your Home Yourself

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Home staging is a process people use to prepare their homes for sale, and it is an important step in the home-selling process. The goal of home staging is to make your home look attractive, appealing, and desirable to those that come to see it, and your home may need a little bit or work or a lot of work when staging it. Here are three good steps you should take as you begin staging your home yourself.

Create a room-by-room list

Staging a home can be simple in some cases and difficult in others. It will really depend on what the current condition of your home is and what it needs to make it look nicer. A good place to start with this is by walking through each room and creating a list of what each room needs. This list will give you direction, and it may not seem as overwhelming if you can focus on staging just one room at a time.

Add these tasks to the list if needed

As you walk through the rooms, you may want to add the following tasks to your list:

  • Decluttering – Getting rid of junk and extra furniture and belongings is a vital part of staging a home. You should try to make each room look more spacious by making sure the space is not overcluttered.
  • Painting – If a room has dark-colored paint, or if the paint just looks bad, you should include painting as a step for your staging. Light-colored paint is the best choice you can make.
  • Repairing things – The other important item to add to your list involves repairs that need to be made. This could be fixing a closet door that does not shut right, or hiring an electrician to repair an outlet that does not work. You should make sure everything works right in each room in your home.  

Once your list is complete, you will need to start working on the things you have listed.

Spend time improving the curb appeal

The third important step in home staging is finding ways to improve the curb appeal of the house, and this refers to the outside of the home. As you look at your yard and the front of your house, what would it take to make it look nicer? This is the question you should ask yourself and then follow through by completing the steps your house needs.

Home staging is something you might be able to accomplish yourself; and if you do it well, your home will look desirable and appealing to everyone that stops by to see it. To learn more about real estate staging, talk to your agent today.