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2 House Features To Consider When You Have Aging Parents

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One of the most important responsibilities that everyone is going to face at some point is figuring out how to care for their aging parents when the time comes. While senior communities and retirement homes can often be a valid option for many people, some people would rather take care of their aging parents on their own and keep them close to the family.

In that situation, you will want to make sure that you buy a house that can accommodate both your growing family and your aging parents. Listed below are two house features to consider when you have aging parents that you plan on moving in with you when they need assistance caring for themselves or because they may have a limited income.

Accessory Apartment

One of the best home features to consider when shopping around for a house that can accommodate you and your aging parents is an accessory apartment. Now, the reason that you will want to invest in a house that has an accessory apartment is that it will allow you to keep your parents close so you can keep an eye on them and care for them while also still maintaining some distance between you and your parents.

This will be able to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be able to respond quickly if your parents need assistance while also allowing your parents to maintain some semblance of independence. A nice added bonus to having an accessory apartment is the fact that you will be able to rent it out and make a bit of extra money for you and your family until your parents get to the point where you want them to move in with you.

Rambler Floor Plan

Another important house feature to consider when trying to buy a house that will work for you and your aging parents is one that has a rambler or ranch floor plan. These types of floor plans are ideal for older individuals because the typically only have one level.

This means that there typically aren't any stairs aside from those that may go down into a basement. As a result, your aging parents will not be exposed to the dangers that stairs can pose to older or senior individuals, such as falling down the stairs and potentially breaking a hip, which can have a number of serious complications and health issues.

Contact a real estate agent today in order to discuss what house features he or she would recommend that you look for if you are looking for a house that can accommodate both your family and your aging parents. You should consider an accessory apartment and a rambler floor plan when looking for a home that is going to be comfortable and safe for your family and your aging parents. Consider these things before you purchase real estate for your expanded family.