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Analyzing The Landscaping When Buying A Home

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When looking at residential real estate for sale, you shouldn't just focus on the structure of the actual home. Analyze every aspect of the home, including the landscaping, to confirm that it is suitable for your lifestyle and won't cost you an arm and a leg soon after the purchase deal is done:

The Trees Are Healthy        

Confirm that the trees, or at least most of them, are healthy. This is especially true with a lot where most of the trees are extremely old and nearing the end of their life. Otherwise, you will just be inheriting a huge tree-removal bill. Not only that, but your pride of buying a home with mature trees will soon be gone if you have to cut down most of the trees soon after buying the house. Unhealthy trees may also fall and damage your property or cause serious injuries. Trees with root damage, decaying trunks, and cracks may be candidates for removal.

The Drainage Is Operational and Efficient                    

For most people, the primary reason for designing a home's landscape is to boost its curb appeal. This is all good, but the landscaping shouldn't be designed in such a way that it interferes with the drainage of the home. For example, a yard that isn't graded away from the foundation can cause flooding and foundation damage when it rains. Even the walkways or pavements should be properly drained if they are to serve you for many years; otherwise, they will have to be replaced sooner than usual.

The Lawn Is Of a Uniform Color

Ideally, the lawn should be more or less of a uniform color, which means it is healthy. Patches of brown or dying sections of the lawn may be caused by dangerous issues such as chemical spills or rocky patches on the ground. They may also be caused by relatively minor issues such as poor watering or inefficient fertilization. Therefore, if there are discolored sections of the lawn, you need to know why that is the case.

The Hardscaping Still Has a Lot of Life in It

Lastly, you need to confirm that the hardscaping (sections of the yard with manmade features such as patios or paved walkways) is in a good overall condition. If the pavements are cracked all over, have numerous potholes or generally look like they were installed in the last century, then you need to be ready with a budget for its overhaul.

Any professional realtor will tell you a home inspection is a necessary home inspection step. Hopefully, the inspection will reveal more on the condition of the landscaping too.