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Decorate A Short-Term Rental Unit With Functional Items That Will Help You Feel At Home

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If you and a co-worker have decided to share a short-term rental unit in an apartment complex that is located in a city where you both will be temporarily working, compromising on comfort and privacy may be a concern that has crossed your mind. The following tips will help you furnish and decorate the apartment with functional items that will help you feel at home in your new living quarters:

Portable Wall Panels And Framed Prints

Purchase a couple lightweight wall panels that are secured to metal bases. Wall panels can be placed in the central part of a room or set up near the corner of a living space to divide a room. If your roommate and you care to have a private space to relax after work, use a measuring tape to divide a living area so that each person will be provided with plenty of room.

After carrying the panels into the apartment, place the base of each one firmly on the floor. Hang cardboard-framed prints from both sides of the panels to personalize the private spaces that you and your roommate have chosen for yourselves. Prints can be secured to panels with self-adhesive hardware pieces and won't damage the fabric that the panels are constructed of. 

Futon Chair And Crates

Visit a furniture store to browse futon chairs that transform into a bed. After purchasing a chair, place it in the corner of the apartment's living room. Before you get ready for bed, unfold the futon and lay sheets and blankets across the cushion to provide yourself with a comfortable spot to rest. If you and your roommate have decided to move standard beds into the apartment, you may still want to consider purchasing a futon so that overnight guests will have a place to sleep when they come to visit you.

Place a couple crates next to the futon and cover them with a decorative cloth. Place personal effects inside of the crates and set your alarm clock and a small lamp on top of the cloth-covered surface. 

Potted Foliage And Window Planters

If the apartment does not include an adjoining deck or balcony and you are used to decorating your outdoor living space with plants, purchase potted foliage to set in the corners of rooms in the apartment instead. Choose parts of each room that receive plenty of sunlight before placing the potted items in the vicinity. If the apartment has a kitchen window that has a wide and long windowsill under it, set up one or two window planters on the sill so that you and your roommate can enjoy looking at potted flowers while washing dishes or preparing meals. 

Contact a short-term apartment rental company for more information and assistance.