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Getting A Quick Offer When You Need To Leave The State

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Moving out of the state will be a process that requires a lot of errands, phone calls, and organization. If you are currently the owner of a home and need to sell it to move out of state, this process will be twice as busy. Between listing your home, advertising your house sale, and allowing for tours of the home, you will be a busy individual. If moving out of state requires you to sell your home, you may need to sell your house fast. Here are some tips to get your home sold with lightning speed:

List it lower than your neighbors'

When you want to make a quick sale, you will need to offer more concessions than the other homes in the neighborhood. Find out who in the neighborhood has their home for sale and talk with your real estate agent. Your agent will be able to give you the comparables on the homes for sale and your home. Price your home on the lower end of the scale if you can afford it. This can cost you less money in the end since you will not have to make mortgage payments and payments on your new place at the same time. 

Offer low or no closing cost

If you want to keep your home priced well but bring in buyers who are interested, you should offer a sale where you cover all closing costs. This means that that the buyer only has to secure the financing on their end and does not have to come to the signing table with anything extra. Figure out just how much the closing costs would be for your home with and without a preferred lender. If the costs are minimal with a specific lender, request that buyers use your lender. 

Hold several open houses

Once you have packed up the majority of your items, put these into storage and host several open houses. Open houses attract the attention of serious buyers and those who are just looking but not quite sure. With a nice home that is well manicured, an open house can attract someone who feels a desire for your house in particular. Host open houses each weekend, starting from the date that you know that you need to move. Open homes will give you time to clean up and will give buyers extra time to explore your home and neighborhood and decide if they want to buy.