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How Technology Can Help You With The Home Purchase Process

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If you want to streamline your home buying process, then you should consider investing in technology. Below are some specific technological resources you can use when buying a home.

Electronic Signatures

Buying a home involves considerable documents or forms, and you may have to sign some of them. Shuttling physical papers back and forth is not usually efficient. Fortunately, you can use e-signatures (electronic signatures) to sign electronic documents so that you don't have to sign physical papers and mail them or send them by courier. You can use various applications such as DocuSign, AdobeSign, and SignEasy, among others, for the e-signatures. Confirm that the relevant parties involved in the transaction accept e-signatures before signing the documents that way.

Virtual Tours

Home viewing is one of the most exciting parts of being a home buyer. However, you need to set aside considerable time to view a house physically, especially if you are buying in a distant neighborhood or city. In such cases, it can be disappointing to get to a potential property only to find that it is not something you can consider buying.

Fortunately, some home sellers upload virtual tours of their properties so that you can make the initial viewing at the comfort of your home or office. That way, you only have to pay physical visits to properties that you have already vetted online. Not only that, but you can also use online maps, some of which offer street views, to view and tour your prospective neighborhood before you actually set foot in it.

Virtual Furnishing

When viewing a house, you will probably find it staged by the seller by handpicked furniture pieces and furnishings. Many home sellers opt for neutral themes and décor because they want to appeal to the general population without offending anyone. Thus, it is not always easy to know how your choices would look in a potential home. Fortunately, there are applications you can use to 'furnish' your prospective house with virtual furniture and décor. That way, you can have a good idea of how your favorite sofa set would look in your new home.

Virtual Renovation

Applications for virtual renovations work more or less the same as virtual furnishing applications. The major difference is that you use virtual renovation applications to renovate your prospective house virtually. You can tinker with the kitchen cupboards, give the house a new coat of paint, and even add an extra room to the house.