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How To Increase Your Home's Appraisal When Selling

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If you are selling your house, you should understand the impact the appraisal can have on the sale. If the home's appraisal is too low, it can void the deal. Many homeowners have concerns that their homes might not appraise high enough. Are you concerned about this issue? If so, you can take a few steps that might help increase the appraisal amount you get for your house. Here are several effective steps that can help increase your home's appraisal.

1. Clean Up Your Home

A clean, tidy house always looks nicer than a dirty, cluttered home, so you might want to begin by cleaning up your house. While the cleanliness of a home does not play a major role in an appraisal, it can affect a house's value. Therefore, try to remove any clutter you have in your house. Scrub everything in the house, dust your home, and aim to make it look as neat as possible.

2. Improve the Curb Appeal

As you begin cleaning up your house, you might want to focus some of your energy on the outside. The yard and exterior of your home are the key components of your home's curb appeal, and curb appeal can affect your home's value. To improve the curb appeal, remove any clutter in your yard. Mow and trim all the weeds you see and make any other necessary improvements to make it look more appealing.

3. Create a List of Updates and Years

Next, you might want to make a list of all the updates you made to your house over the years. If the updates are old, you do not have to list them. You should include any updates that are five years old or newer, though. For example, if you replaced your roof, write that on the list with the year you replaced it. If you replaced your windows or made any other significant improvements, write them on the list. Make sure you give this list to the appraiser when they come to complete the assessment.

4. Make Minor Improvements

Finally, if you see any minor improvements you can make in your home, make them. Small changes can improve your home's assessment, and it might be worthwhile to do a few things to increase your home's value.

Taking the time to complete these four steps could help increase your home's appraisal. If you have questions about appraisals, talk to your real estate agent or a local home appraiser.