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Find Properties That Earn The Distinction of Luxurious

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Purchasing a luxury home is the goal of many buyers, but for those individuals that do seek out this investment—there is often much to be learned. For instance, a home in a specific zip code does not automatically deem the property as luxury; there is more that goes into this distinction. If you are interested in luxury real estate, learn more about how you can locate these properties.

Precise Location

Yes, zip codes matter with luxury real estate, but even more important is the precise location of the home. Consider a beach community, for instance. Not every home will be considered luxurious, as the properties with the closest proximity to the water or the best views of the landscape would likely receive this rating. If you want luxury, your goal should be to find the best neighborhoods and then look for the best-of-the-best within the area.

Locale-Specific Price Point

Real estate markets are unique in that unlike other commodities, the prices are relative. In simpler terms, where the home is located will determine what price points fall into the luxury category. For instance, a 4-bedroom home in the south listed for $800,000 might be considered luxury but in the Northeast, the price is average. A sit-down with a real estate professional who can go over market standards in the area can help you determine the luxury-specific price point in your region.


A luxury home does not just feel good, it looks good, and in short, it is made good. The materials used in a property are another distinctive factor that can give a home a luxury distinction. Hardwood, marble, granite, stone tubs, and well-appointed outdoor living areas, are just some premium features to look for. Keep in mind; it is not just about finding a home with one or two rooms that have these features. It is about finding a property with these quality materials throughout.

Amenity Accessibility

Luxury property owners often have the advantage of a beautiful home, in an awesome location filled with all sorts of amenities ranging from everyday conveniences like quality food markets to fine dining establishments and entertainment complexes. Any luxury property you consider should provide this accessibility. Remember, a real estate agent is a great asset to your search, as these professionals can help you find a luxury home in a convenient location. 

Again, buying a home is all about purchasing the property that you want. Keep these tips in mind and partner with services like Scott Sorenson Real Estate if you want help during this process.