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3 Tips For Securing An Apartment Rental After An Eviction

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While having a spotless rental history is your preference, sometimes life happens and can lead to an eviction. Unfortunately, having an eviction on your record can mean it shows up for years and can affect your access to apartments when looking for a place to rent.

If you're beginning the search for an apartment and find that you're being turned away due to a previous eviction, consider the following tips and how they can contribute towards finding a place that you'll love. 

Ask About Second Chance Programs

An easy way to eliminate some of the poor options for apartments is to work with a second chance leasing program. These programs exist to assist renters in matching you with apartments that work with evictions. Taking on all the work alone to find a rental can lead to a lot of frustration since you could end up being turned away from most of the apartments you contact.

Second chance programs have a list of apartments that can work with prior evictions and ensure that you'll have options for finding an apartment you'll qualify for. 

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Before you prepare to choose an apartment or get too far along in the leasing process, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork on hand. Instead of running into issues where you're turned away due to a lack of documentation, ensure that you have everything you need. 

This documentation should include payment stubs, recommendations from people you know, and the details of your past eviction. Being upfront about why you were evicted and having all the paperwork ready can help the leasing process go smoothly and prevent the process from taking too long. 

Prepare for a Larger Security Deposit

Due to a prior eviction, there is the possibility that you'll only qualify for an apartment by having a larger security deposit available. Checking with a second chance leasing program can ensure that you have an appropriate deposit for the apartment.

Securing a deposit that's larger than average can increase the odds of being approved for a lease.

After an eviction, you may feel discouraged about finding another apartment to rent. Consider the above tips instead of believing that you'll need to wait until the eviction is removed from your record or resign yourself to live in areas you're not interested in. Finding a second chance apartment lease and putting in some extra effort will ensure that you find the ideal apartment.