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Rent Smart By Using An Apartment Move-In Checklist

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When you rent an apartment, there is a good chance that many people lived in this unit before you. In other words, the apartment is probably not new. If others lived there before you, the unit might have some issues. If you want to rent smarter, you should consider using an apartment move-in checklist form when moving into the unit. Here are several things to understand about this form.

The Basics of an Apartment Move-In Checklist

First, you might wonder what an apartment move-in checklist is. This is a form that you use to document the condition of an apartment when you take possession of it. On this form, you can document any issues or flaws you notice in the apartment. The best way to use it is to schedule a meeting with the landlord to see the apartment. When you arrive, you can begin by documenting everything you see in the first room. Next, continue working through each room, noting the specific appliances, marks on the wall, dents, and any other noticeable defects. You should include any details about the unit that you see that indicate damage from previous tenants.

Reasons to Use It

Using an apartment move-in checklist is a great way to avoid being charged for damages that your apartment had when you took possession. When you move out, you can remind your landlord about this form. The landlord cannot legally charge you for the damages that were present when they rented the apartment to you. You should keep a copy of this form after completing it, but you should also give your landlord a copy of it.

Other Steps to Take When Inspecting the Apartment

As you inspect the unit before moving in, you might want to do a few other things. First, if you see items that need repairs, you can ask the landlord to fix them before you move into the apartment. Secondly, you might want to take pictures of the unit and label them with the date and the issues you see. These steps provide more protection for you when you rent an apartment. When you document the damages of an apartment through these methods, you have all the proof you need that the apartment had flaws and issues when the landlord gave you the keys.

If you would like to view apartments for rent, contact an apartment manager today. They can help you find the right unit for your budget and family.