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Four Ways To Make A Studio Apartment Feel Larger

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There are a number of reasons why you may be trying to make a studio apartment feel larger. You may be trying to sell your apartment, and making it feel larger can help it sell. Or you may be tired of feeling like you live in a tight, cramped space. While you can’t physically add any space to the apartment, there are a few ways that you can trick the eye into making the space feel larger. Read More»

Preventing Broken Dreams: 5 Tips To Prevent The Theft Of Your New Motorcycle

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Owning a motorcycle is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, this dream can often become a nightmare if your motorcycle is stolen. Considering an estimated 45,000 motorcycle thefts occurred in 2013 alone, understanding the importance of safe storage and theft prevention is essential. Not only will these tasks reduce your risk of losing your dream ride, but they can also save you financially due to expensive purchase price of a motorcycle. Read More»

Avoid Stress By Remembering These Commonly-Forgotten Items During A Move

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Whether you are relocating to a new country for your job or moving across the country to be closer to family, the moving process can be an overwhelming experience. Finding boxes, organizing, packing, cleaning, transporting your belongings, and then unpacking at the new place can wreak havoc on your stress and anxiety levels. During this long process, you will most likely lose or forget one or more things, making your move even more challenging. Read More»

Three Tips For Small Business Owners Looking To Increase Their Store's Security

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As the owner of a small store, your commercial property’s security is vital to ensuring your company remains profitable. Therefore, you must have proper security measures in place in order to prevent burglaries happening when you are off-site. Below are three tips to help increase the security of your store: Take Good Care of Your Keys Despite your best intentions, you’re probably not going to be around everyday to open up your store in the morning and lock up at night. Read More»

Tips For Handling Tenant Complaints Effectively

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If you manage a lot of rental properties, one issue you may encounter is tenant complaints. If you have tenants, there will be some that complain about every little issue they have, and you will need to find a good system to manage and handle all the complaints you receive. As a landlord, you have an obligation to fix all important issues they may have with their units. Here are some tips to help you get a better handle on tenant complaints and necessary repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Read More»

Four Aspects To Staging The Exterior Of Your Home For Sale

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When selling your home, it is important to prepare, or stage, your home’s exterior in order to make a good first impression upon prospective buyers. When they approach your home, buyers want to feel welcomed and find an instant emotional bond with your home. That is why you should take time to perform a few tasks to help bring about this response. Below are four aspects to staging the exterior of your home to make it as appealing as possible: Read More»

Buying An Investment Property: How To Tell A Deal From A Dud

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When you’re looking for a real estate property to buy as an investment, there are certain things you need to look for. Whether you’re looking to rent the property out or to flip the property and resell it, you don’t want to end up with a money pit or with something that doesn’t end up bringing you a great return. Here are some ways that you can tell if the property you’re looking to buy will be worth it. Read More»

4 Diseases Rats Carry

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Rats can do much more than make your skin crawl; these small creatures can also get you very sick. If you come in contact with a diseased rat in your home, you are at risk of contracting several serious diseases. It is very important to watch out for rats in your home and get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are four diseases rats carry:   Leptospirosis Leptospirosis, also commonly referred as Weil’s disease, is commonly found in rats and can cause serious side effects in humans, including a fever, vomiting, chills and rash. Read More»